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Norma Blog SunriseThe Power of Love

LOVE—what a beautiful word! It slips off the tongue like honey. It emanates from the heart, the center of love. It’s the opposite of hate. Say LOVE aloud. Now, say hate aloud. Feel the difference?

(I’m discussing universal LOVE now, not the personal love between two people, which is sacred unto itself.)

Louie (Satchmo) Armstrong sang, “What the world needs now is love, sweet love. That’s the only thing that the world needs plenty of.” How true! But, we must begin with ourselves. If you think, “I’m only one person; how can I influence the world to change from hate to love?” you are underestimating the power of your thoughts.

I’ve said it before; thought is a potent form of energy. It is the common denominator which governs and influences our lives. Every thought we have manifests eventually as a form of some kind precisely equaling  its original pattern, the thought itself. So, let us think peace and love and with purpose direct those thoughts out into the universe. We can focus our inner attention on the “hot spots” on our planet and on the perpetrators of hate and terror.

We can begin in our daily excursions to treat everyone we encounter pleasantly and genially with a grateful smile and flattering words. Marianne Williamson said, “Before you leave home in the morning, send your LOVE before you. You will walk in Light throughout the day.”

I have been doing this for years in my meditation:  “I love, respect, forgive and bless myself and (I repeat the names of individuals against whom I may harbor negative feelings and groups who are our alleged “enemies.”  I also imagine I am embracing a globe of the earth and I affirm, “I embrace our world, everyone and everything in and on it with my love.”

We don’t have to FEEL the LOVE. Just saying and thinking  the word is all that is necessary.

If everyone who is reading this Blog begins now by sending out LOVE thoughts to our world, you will be doing your part. There’s power in numbers. It’s called GROUP POWER. You can simply repeat, “I direct my LOVE to all humanity and to all living things on earth. Thank You.” Also imagine that you are embracing a world globe.

Original Poetry by Dr. Norma Locker

In songs and novels and poetry love is a prevailing theme.
It is known worldwide, you will agree, the basis for everyone’s dream.
Love is the strongest force on earth; the greatest healer we know.
Those of us who were loved from birth, were able to thrive and grow.
But, there are many who were deprived of the love that was their right; and some of them struggled and strived to emerge from the darkness into the light.
Then, there are those hapless, misguided souls who somehow got lost in the gloom, and relinquished all of their self-control to a life of corruption and doom.
Love nurtures all that’s living on the land and in the sea.
So let us always be love-giving; it’s a worthwhile recipe.
Let’s save ourselves and this great land by sowing love generously.
We have this power at our command to create global peace and harmony.



(The following blog on opinions, predictions and numerology is not meant to disparage men. Actually, I admire most men and their contributions, value, purpose and significance in our world. This is merely my mental meanderings which may or may not come to fruition.)

A few years ago I predicted that the Amazon principle is beginning to resurge. That’s exactly how it came to me. Amazon depicts the female principle plus power.

The current fad of women wearing long tresses is a definite sign. (Note: Samson in the bible; his long hair was his power.)

Today the trend of men displaying stubble or whiskers is a sign that they are attempting to preserve their role as the male animal and their masculinity. This is all on an unconscious level of course.

2016 is a Karmic year. What does that mean? It is exhibiting the results of centuries of horrific, brutal and negative actions by MANkind.  Observe the havoc, inhumanity, genocide and oppression which currently exist on our planet.

2017 is a year of power and new beginnings. This is politically true but what results remains to be seen.

2018 the feminine principle will have its strongest impact. It will no longer be “a man’s world” as the male principle begins to decline and equality replaces suppression.

The Declaration of Independence declares that all MEN are created equal. In the bibles men dominate. All of the prophets are men. Does that mean that women don’t have similar proclivities? Statistically women are more intuitive than most men. The bibles were interpreted by men therefore they were more inclined to favor males. All of the Apostles were males as well as the angels.  What?! Does that mean that female angels don’t exist?

In my book, “The Miracle Years: What I Learned about God, Miracles, Life, the Paranormal and Why We Are Here,” in the chapter entitled “On Being a Mature Adult” where I used famous quotations, I parenthesized almost every reference to MEN. For example: ….give thy love to all MANkind. ….the character of an honest MAN….etc. Instead of saying humankind or person which is more generic and tolerant.

by Dr. Norma Locker

I am a woman and proud of my gender, and history upholds that view.
A woman is more than a shopper, a spender, a homemaker, mother or shrew.
She’s intelligent, intuitive and witty, and she’s left her impression on time.
She’s privileged to wear makeup so she can be pretty; she’s God’s own special design.
She’s been called inscrutable, loyal, even untrue; a jewel of many shades and facets.
There’s something about her that men pursue; could it be her curves and her ass-ets?
In science, the military and all of the arts; politics, entertainment, education; she has proven her worth and done her part with honor in each generation.
Let’s remember her contributions to business, sports and aviation.
She serves in outer space with pluck and determination; in literature she’s earned fame and acclimation.
I foresee some day a woman’s rise to the highest position in the states.
Then the world will finally recognize that she can be truly great.
I think I’ll stick around ‘til then, ‘cause my crystal ball doesn’t tell me when.
(Will it be 2017?)




Affirmative Self-talk

Self-talk–everyone does it, some of us all through the day and even through the night, depending on our emotional stability. Our minds are jabbering all the time. Some of it is mere nonsense; some is lamenting and regretting failure to respond to those who have allegedly “hurt our feelings.” We relive and repine over mistakes and temporary memory lapses. We formulate plans for the future, for business, for art, etc. We reinforce ailments by focusing on them constantly. We stress ourselves with unnecessary worry, which is fear-based and illusory.

Then there is the self-deprecating self-talk. “I’m so stupid! I never do anything right!” “Nothing ever goes my way. I’m a total loser!”

But, there’s an up-side to negative self-talk. It’s affirmative self-talk, what I call “Positive Mental Treatment” which is featured on my CD, A Unique Meditation Experience and in my book, The Miracle Years: What I Learned about God, Miracles, Life, the Paranormal and Why We Are Here. It is what has miraculously transformed me from the mean-spirited, neurotic hypochondriac prior to 1965. (Go to www.NormaLocker.com where you will find synopses of the material in the CD and the book.)

For the self-deprecating self-talk Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is effective, but we don’t need a professional therapist to help us.  We can do it ourselves simply by reversing the initial thought to a more positive one: “I’m not stupid. Everyone makes mistakes. I have the power to rectify mistakes.” “I have the will to succeed. I believe I can be successful in every endeavor.”

I talk to myself (and God) throughout the day and sometimes at night, but my self-talk is helpful and affirmative. If I should allow a negative thought to slip into my consciousness, I immediately CANCEL it and affirm that I refuse to accept it.

Since 1965 I must meditate every day to reinforce my positive attitudes, but I have often learned something new which has been a great help and even amazed me. For several years I have been reminding my body that I AM THE BOSS! Quite recently, though, I had a revelation; why not COMMAND my body to behave when it tries to inflict a pain or discomfort upon me?

Science has proven that the cells communicate with one another, so when I communicate thus with my body, apparently the cells become activated, and quantum physics tells us that we are not solid beings. Every aspect of our bodies is constantly changing and renewing. (See my August, 2014 Blog on “Cellular and Subconscious Conditioning.”)

Our bodies crave attention. Why? Because we have trained it to obey and produce all sorts of ills for years. Now, when my body tries to attract my attention with anything unacceptable, I exclaim aloud or mentally, “Body! What are you doing? Behave yourself and heal it! Thank you for your cooperation,” and it miraculously stops! When I’m in bed, after my prayers and auto-suggestions for a peaceful night’s sleep, I remind my body thus: “Okay, body. This is my time to sleep for the next eight hours or more, so don’t you DARE try to give me anything that might disturb my sleep! Thank you.” It really is miraculous!

No matter how much we think we know, we can always learn something new as long as we can still think clearly. When I ask my class, “Who’s the BOSS over your body?” They must reply aloud, “I am!” That sets the stage in their consciousness for the upcoming results.

I challenge you to try this amazing discovery. Begin by telling your body that you are the BOSS and once it “gets it,” you can command it as I do to obey your desire.

It’s a new and surprising “take” on SELF-TALK!

We Can Create
by Norma Locker 

We are able to achieve with the power of our minds whatever we conceive if we sincerely believe.

For every thought we have becomes a forceful thing; and as a bird in flight that energy takes wing to create what we desire.

We should create with care, being mindful and aware that the sketches we produce have a positive flair.

For if they’re based on fear and anything but love, those thoughts eventually appear as what we’re thinking of.

Troubles don’t beset us from out of the blue; they don’t just come to get us without giving us a clue.

We are the skillful artists who paint the landscape of our life, depicting most of what transpires; the blessings and the strife.

It takes only a thought, a whim or a desire. Is it not then judicious to resolve to aspire towards a positive conclusion whereby we can acquire a positive solution?

Revisiting Karma

(Partly excerpted from my book, The Miracle Years: What I Learned about God, Miracles, Life, the Paranormal and Why We Are Here.”)

The idea that we have lived before and will again return many times until we “get it right” is relatively simple. If we can accept Darwin’s theory of the evolution of the species, then why is it so difficult to accept the concept that the soul also evolves toward a higher level of consciousness.

Whatever our thoughts, utterances, or deeds may be, whether negative or positive, they exercise a profound influence on our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual existence.

The concept that we have lived many lifetimes before, and we are each reaping our Karmic harvests which have been accumulated not only in this lifetime, but in previous lifetimes, provides a sensible and credible explanation when fully understood. The philosophy of Reincarnation and the Karmic connection answers any and all questions concerning life, events, situations and circumstances, and serves to diminish and even banish the present countless fears and doubts existing in our minds and hearts. Karma is a Sanskrit term which means “action and reaction,” which every physicist acknowledges, because it is THE major law of the universe. Every action must result in a reaction.

If in the past we have abused our spiritual legacy, we must redeem ourselves in the future, perhaps even presently. Conversely, if we behaved in a loving, beneficent manner, accepting equably and placidly what has befallen us, then we may be reaping those benefits. Everything must balance out. This is a mathematical universe. If we didn’t have balance and cosmos, we would be in a perpetual state of chaos!

As long as humanity exists on earth there will be Karma, and new epidemic and pandemic diseases will appear and plague us. Some of the most recent ones are: Aids, Sars, Nepa, E-Bola, The Bird Flu, Malaria, methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus or MRSA, Swine Flu and the resurgence of diseases that have allegedly been abolished such as tuberculosis. Currently the Zika (mosquito) virus has become a cogent threat producing newborns with serious deformities.

Watch the news for more of them as we incur additional Karma. As long as the present negative, outrageous, bombastic political rhetoric and violent reactions continue to be spewed into the atmosphere, the Karmic results will multiply in ways we haven’t yet witnessed. Those who are convinced that their religious beliefs are the best and only ones decreed by God and are acting in concurrence with them may not be aware of their Karmic responsibility. Nature reacts to violence, whether verbal or physical, and we are living it and witnessing the effects now.

Why am I revisiting Karma since I’ve already addressed it in a former Blog? Most people are not aware of the consequences incurred by their words, thoughts and actions, but almost everyone has heard of or used the term, “What goes around comes around.” That phrase doesn’t only denote retribution, it reflects the universal influence—the “ripple effect.” Metaphysically, “When you toss a pebble into a pond you are observing “the ripple effect.”

So, what is the solution? It’s nothing we haven’t heard before. It’s “love, sweet love.” It’s the Golden Rule—“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” It’s morality, kindness, understanding and acceptance of all of our human sisters and brothers, regardless of sexual proclivity or religious choices, because we are all connected spiritually. If you are thinking, “I’m only one person; what influence can I possibly have, so why should I bother?” Believe in the infinite power of your thoughts. Begin with yourself and others will follow. Bless those who don’t behave spiritually and miracles are bound to happen.

AFFIRMATION: I vow to do my part with loving thoughts to effect positive change in our world and the universe.

by Norma Locker

In songs and novels and poetry love is a prevailing theme.
It is known worldwide, you will agree, the basis for everyone’s dream.
Love is the strongest force on earth; the greatest healer we know.
Those of us who were loved from birth were able to thrive and grow.

But there are many who were deprived of the love that was their right; and some of them struggled and strived to emerge from the darkness into the light.
Then, there are those hapless, misguided souls who somehow got lost in the gloom and relinquished all of their self-control to a life of corruption and doom.

Love nurtures all that’s living on the land and in the sea.
So let us always be love-giving; it’s a worthwhile recipe.
Let’s save ourselves and this great land by spreading love generously.
We have this power at our command to create global peace and harmony.


There are times when we struggle and determine to get through a challenging ordeal with sheer willpower, refusing to give in and give up. Those events teach us that there is something powerful and mystical within us and it’s not the chemical willpower like the adrenaline which motivates a woman to raise a car which has entrapped someone beneath it. There are many validated cases like that.

Once we have conquered the threat, whatever it may be, we realize that we have triumphed, whether it’s physiologically related or otherwise.

We can will ourselves into a desired situation or out of an unsatisfactory one. We can have a strong desire for something, but if the will to manifest it in our lives is absent we might not succeed. Yet, we must be motivated and spurred to some kind of action, even if it’s as simple as seeking Divine intervention and assistance.

It was motivation, willpower and perseverance which transformed me at age 40 from the mean-spirited, neurotic hypochondriac to the person I am today. It is willpower and tenacity which continues to keep me grounded and determined at age 91 to remain healthy, active and productive and to faithfully adhere to my daily meditative practice which is my life-preserver.

So remember, you can always choose willpower when you’re in a tough spot. When we have the will to overcome and triumph, we will succeed!

(My CD “A Unique Meditation Experience” provides you with everything you need to change your thinking and change your life.)


Happiness & Joy

Cultivating Seeds of Happiness

For some people they are elusive and almost impossible, but did you know that you have the power to create and attain a state of joy and happiness which can boost your health and well-being and also reflect throughout the cosmos? No matter what is happening in our world we, as individuals are obligated to remain as joyful, happy and loving as we can because we are responsible for effecting change in our universe. An attitude of love and happiness is pervasive. The seeds of happiness lie fallow within each of us until they are cultivated with universal love. Yes, love and joy are related.

This is how I remain happy and fill my being with joy no matter how I may be feeling. I hum and sing throughout the day. When I awaken, before I proceed with my morning ablutions, I smile at my image in the mirror, and I sing, “I am happy, happy, happy!” Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “At the very instant you think, ‘I am happy’, a chemical messenger translates your emotion, (which has no solid existence whatever in the material world,) into a bit of matter so perfectly attuned to your desire that literally every cell in your body learns of your happiness and joins in.” Can you imagine that? Isn’t that exciting?!!

When I am out shopping, I make sure that I smile and greet everyone I encounter pleasantly and gratefully for their service. We can force ourselves to smile and to sing. They also boost endorphins, our mood-enhancing chemicals.

Being grateful and thankful for your daily blessings; exhibiting patience and understanding for everyone in your life can nurture a happy feeling. A cheerful and optimistic disposition with a natural loving attitude is contagious. Even your aura, (field of energy) reflects your happiness or melancholy. You dampen your spirits if you call a rainy, cloudy day “nasty and miserable.” Nature thrives on rain. We couldn’t exist without it. A sense of humor is therapeutic. Laugh at the ludicrous and silly behavior of people and animals, and don’t take life too seriously. Smile or laugh at your own mistakes or temporary memory lapses. Abe Lincoln is credited with this quote: “People are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.”

We have all enjoyed happy occasions such as new births, graduations, birthday, anniversary, wedding celebrations and so many other reasons to celebrate. Our health is enhanced if we allow those joyful feelings to permeate our beings. I am convinced that my daily meditative practice contributes to my happiness, along with the other innumerable benefits meditation provides. (My CD is available on my website.)

I may sound like a Pollyanna, but I am fully aware that there are times when joyfulness is difficult or inappropriate like witnessing a loved one deteriorating, or losing a loved one. Suffering chronic pain, facing surgery, or being hospitalized for an extended period, or being unemployed might cause depression, but as long as we are able to think, we have the power to elevate our spirits.

Dr. Maxwell Maltz wrote: “Your physical brain and body function as a machine which YOU operate. Cultivate a HABIT of happiness and happiness will follow.” (In other words, ACT happy and you will FEEL happy.) Marcus Aurelius: “Very little is needed to make a happy life. It is all within yourself; in your way of thinking.”

If you are not satisfied or happy with your career, in your workplace, or in your personal relationship, you have the power to amend it. You can either make the best of it with a change of attitude or move on to a better circumstance. Harry Frederick said, “Be dissatisfied enough to improve, but satisfied enough to be happy.”

Happiness & Joy Affirmation

“I choose to be happy every day no matter what challenges or circumstances I face.”

What is Happiness?
Dr. Norma Locker

It is said that happiness is a state of mind; that for some it’s difficult to find.
Some folks might sing a sad refrain; “How can I be happy if I’m in pain?”
Or, “Now I’m all alone, and I miss him so. My life has no meaning; I feel so low.”
Yes, happiness is a state of mind, but it doesn’t help to sit and pine.
Pick yourself up, get out and mingle, or you’re destined to remain alone and single.
Forget the pain with creative pursuits. Get involved, discover your attributes.
Happiness is a treasure that we create. It’s a pervasive feeling that we emanate.
It happens when we let cares go, and we learn to just go with the flow.
Knowing that you’re Divinely imbued should fill your heart with gratitude.
So force a smile and sing or hum, and you’ll never again feel low and glum.
You’ll perk right up, and you’ll realize that it doesn’t pay to agonize.




Have You Hugged Someone Today?

When someone enters my classroom for the first time I ask for his or her name and then, “May I hug you?”

Ninety-nine percent of the people are receptive, especially the men. That helps me to remember their names. I also reap the benefits from their hug, so we’re all winners.

They know and expect to be hugged every week, and I encourage them to become huggers in their daily life.

A few women have been so affected that they actually wept on my shoulder. They hadn’t been hugged in years, they sobbed. How sad!

Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “Touch is ten times stronger than words or emotions.” Hugs can evoke emotions hitherto never experienced or expressed.

Two more reasons to hug: Endorphins are secreted so moods and immunity are enhanced, and we don’t need to shake hands anymore so we avoid spreading germs.

Of course, we understand that heads of state and other dignitaries should use discretion before hugging one another, but wouldn’t it be really “cool” if even they threw caution to the winds and initiated a new trend? Maybe we’d have peace at last.

An Original Poem by Dr. Norma Locker

Tell me that you’ve hugged someone today, ‘cause a hug is such a therapeutic thing.
It can sweep all your cares away and send your spirits on a new upswing.
A hug costs nothing; it is free; it benefits giver and receiver.
It can give a boost to your immunity, and even reduce your fever.
Sometimes it evokes a tear or two, but they come from a grateful feeling;
for those folks are lonely and so blue; a hug fills the void they’re concealing.
A hug brings out the love in you; it kindles your heart’s fire.
If you want a worthy deed to do, hug as many folks as you desire.

Elevate Your Consciousness

Character & Attitude : Keys to Elevate Consciousness

  • Give, serve and share generously without expectation of return. Don’t boast about your good deeds.
  • Learn to love yourself. Nurture a good self-image.
  • Attempt every challenge and task with self-confidence and courage.
  • Don’t allow failure to daunt you. Believe in yourself and your power to overcome and succeed. Adjust easily to challenges and changes. Exhibit emotional and psychological balance. If you believe in a Higher Power, place your faith in God’s Love and Providence.
  • Maintain a sense of humor about mistakes, mishaps and momentary memory lapses.
  • Exhibit patience and self-control. Temper your reactions to stressors, adversities and disappointments.
  • Try to be non-judgmental and critical of others. Tolerantly respect the opinions and credos of others. Avoid idle gossip.
  • Be a respectful, helpful, loyal, trusting, friend. Treat everyone equally with kindness, love, and understanding. Be compassionate and empathetic as you commiserate with others.
  • Be sincere, honest and loyal in all relationships, business or personal. Be faithful and communicative in love. Patiently avoid confrontation and conflict. Refrain from impulsive reactions to negative input. Express anger as calmly as possible. Treat everyone as you would be treated.
  • Look for the good in everyone & everything. Be cheerful and optimistic with a natural, loving attitude towards all.
  • Be optimistic and philosophical about aging, life and events. Understand that everything happens for a reason according to Universal Law and we learn from every experience.
  • Try to persevere and complete any task. Put an end to procrastination.
  • Nurture the ability to forgive and let go of past resentments.
  • Humbly express appreciation and gratitude for the gift of life. Be thankful for family, friends, all of the blessings and even the challenges in your life. Be grateful for what you have and don’t envy those who have more than you do.
  • Make careful and judicious choices.
  • Release your hold on grief and bereavement. Don’t make it your career.
  • Be independent and self-reliant, but have the humility to ask for help when needed.
  • Admit when you are wrong. Apologize freely for mistakes and omissions and desist from making idle excuses.
  • Replace bad and harmful habits with better ones.
  • Pretend that you are happy even when you’re not by forcing a smile.
  • Try to perform a kind service for someone as often as possible. Be a volunteer when you can.
  • Live one day at a time and don’t fret about what tomorrow might bring.


“I elevate my consciousness every day fully aware of how I present myself to the world around me. Daily meditation is my refuge. My soul is thus thankful. Thank You.”

Power of Suggestion 2

Race Consciousness

Power of Suggestion

Race Suggestion

This is a metaphysical term which has nothing to do with skin color or ethnicity. It deals with how the power of suggestion affects individuals, groups and society in general and the influences to which we are exposed from birth. Our parents, other relatives, friends, teachers, the clergy, peers, and the medical profession, (the scientific establishment.) All of the media, literature including bibles, politicians and governments have the most powerful influence.

Included are all environmental influences and external stimuli which are experienced through the senses and registered in the subconscious, (memory bank.) The subconscious can be conditioned by negative or positive programming throughout our lives. So, everything which we have seen, heard, experienced or encountered is indelibly imprinted in the subconscious. Most of this data is negative, continuing to impact our lives forever unless we learn how to transform it with positive programming.

Race (or Group) Consciousness

This deals with the belief, acceptance and reactions of the world population; society in general, in the aforementioned influences. The more people who believe; the greater the acceptance or faith in what is learned—the more powerful the influence. In Race Consciousness, the media, the scientific establishment, the clergy and religious groups, and literature such as bibles invoke the most profound influence.

In Dr. Wayne Dyer’s book, “You’ll See It When You Believe It,” he offers an example of Race Suggestion (in the form of an act,) which developed into Race Consciousness. It is entitled “The Hundredth Monkey” by Ken Keyes.

A group of monkeys was being studied in coastal Japan, and one monkey in the group began washing his sweet potatoes in a certain way in the salt water. Soon all the monkeys began mimicking this monkey. (Race Suggestion.) When a given number of monkeys behaved in this fashion, the same behavior began to appear in a group of monkeys hundreds of miles away, even though there had been no physical contact between the two groups. The Hundredth Monkey symbolized what scientists call the critical mass within the species. They theorize that once a critical mass number is reached, the same behavior begins to show up in all of the members of that same species. (Race Consciousness.)

Ken Keyes uses the example of nuclear war and suggests that if enough of us in the human species believe and act as if there will be a nuclear war, then when we reach that critical mass number, we will of course create our own reality. Conversely, if enough of us believe and act as if such an occurrence is impossible, then we can create that reality for our entire species as well. (Race Consciousness.)

(A fascinating note: Scientists report when atoms within a molecule align in a certain way and a critical mass number is reached, the rest of the atoms spontaneously line up in the same way.)

Today we have a cogent example of Race Suggestion developing into a Race Consciousness. It is the universal fear of and belief in terrorism which the media exploits and propagates. There are many others which I can share with you, but space doesn’t allow at this time. In my February Blog I will offer more examples and methods to deflate a negative Race Consciousness and to reverse and transform a negative personal consciousness.

(To be continued: Watch for my February Blog.)